The Academic Competition Club (ACC) is composed of students from every social group, the best of the best, to win Blountstown High as many championships as possible! In short, ACC has members who are skilled in technology (who compete in robotics competitions), mathletes (who compete in multiple math competitions), and history buffs! All members also come together in order to form Blountstown High School's brain bowl teams!


Awards Day


ACC members have competed in a cardboard boat regatta.

ACC members have attended three brain bowl competitions and placed well in them.

In October, members of the ACC created a Catapult and a Trebuchet in order for students to hit teachers with water balloons on Halloween. The students had a great time.

Brain Bowl

Two out of three teams made it into the playoff rounds at Chipola, and one team brought home a trophy. Our newest team members also performed admirably, winning one of the rounds as well.


Walker Strawn, JP Leonard, Donavan Ebersole, and Haileigh Pippin fought hard to win 1st place at the tournament.

Haileigh also placed 7th in individual scoring.


Kyle Silsby, George Glass, Matthew Morrison, Skylah Obee, Trey Rollins, and Trent Woodham also made it into the playoffs.

Kyle Silsby won a trophy for 1st place in individual scoring.


The newest members of our team are already addicted to this “jeopardy-like” academic tournament- Citlali Gutierrez, Hayes Strawn, Caroline Howell, Colby Tanner, Will McClellan, and Abigail Martinez.


Donavan Ebersole, Matthew Morrison, Walker Strawn, George Glass, Kyle Silsby, and Hannah Plazarin attended the state academic challenge in Orlando, FL. This was our first time attending such a high-level academic tournament. This tournament is an FHSAA sanctioned event where state champions receive the FHSAA trophy and state championship rings.


Wallace Winners

Computer Literacy - Megann Dillinger 5th, Mark Wilson 7th

Microcomputer Applications - George Glass 3rd, Joshua Causey 4th

Algebra l - Emily Holloway (BMS) 7th

Geometry - Brian Gay 6th

Algebra ll - Caroline Howell 4th

Advanced Math - Donavan Ebersole 1st

Comprehensive Math - Donavan Ebersole 3rd


  • The Science Olympiad team will be competing on the 21st of Febuary in Pensacola.
  • The members of the ACC brainbowl team will be competing at McClay on Febuary 28th.
  • On March 6th, members of the ACC will be going to Wallace to compete in the math and computer competition that are held every year.
  • In April, one of the ACC's brainbowl teams will be going to the CAC in Orlando to compete against teams from all around the state of Florida.