Caroline Howell

Citlali Gutierrez

Kaylin Weiler

Megann Dillinger

Olivia Atkins

Rachel Nandho


French Club will be competing in various test and art projects concerning French culture. Every year French club members travel to Orlando to compete in the statewide competition. This year it will be held on March the 12th and 13th.


French Club does various fundraisers to raise money for those students to be able to compete in a state wide French competition that is held every year in Orlando
The fundraisers include:
  • Selling Krispy Kreme doughnut certificates.
  • Selling Valentine's Day goody bags for $5.00 to BHS students. A valentine, soda, chips, chocolate, hard candy, gummy snakes, and gum are included.
  • Selling tea and lemonade during both lunches.
  • Sponsoring the "jail" during FCAT Fun Day/Spring Fling during which students can pay to have others "arrested". The "arrested" student can either pay  to get out or wait for a bit.